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 report about Mr_Pryor abuse

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PostSubject: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   Fri 18 Jun 2010 - 13:36

Name of the admin who abuse :Mr_Pryor
Your in game name :[bhg]jason[KLS]
Reason / what abuse :pryor was abusing his commands in many ways
Screenshoot (F8) whitouth any editing :sorry i do not have everdence for the slapping and the dm
More info ? :in /rocketdm he had god on and using a jetpack inside the dm to
he was using a minigun outside and in side of the dm he killed Mr_Davo, me and 2 other people
he slapped davo and i (using commands on other admin, not allowed as he wrote on the forum)

yes i admit that i am in the wrong to i jailed him which i did for a good reason though it didnt harm him because he just un jailed me and demoted me to level 0

and one more thing if romeo and davo will step up to this
romeo told pryor off for abusing his commands in the dm and told him to stop it but he simply didnt stop
and davo is my other witness he got slapped by pryor and was shoting people with a minigun
so if you guys could step up that would be great but i know you dont want to report your friends but you have to do your job as an admin

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PostSubject: Re: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   Fri 18 Jun 2010 - 13:56

Your not a admin i dont see a application so go f*** your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   Fri 18 Jun 2010 - 14:35

i am not scared of you pryor you dont even know where i live and why exactly would i go and f*** myself
and also thats just gonna get you into more truble because that is defently abuse
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PostSubject: Re: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   Fri 18 Jun 2010 - 14:44

Sorry i spelled it wrong it's Fuck You not Fuck u

i'm not apologizing
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Server Admin
Server Admin

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PostSubject: Re: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   Fri 18 Jun 2010 - 16:46

This topic should have an answer from me or kaan.

Here is a forum ! i am so angry to see some kid in this forum who are here for insult peaple !

@ Mr_Pryor, i won't see any insult from you again, i want to see you calm ! in each case !
@ Jason ! your alwaiz abusing of your mauth ! alwaiz insulting and say bullshit on the forum like in game, you make a report whitouth the good format i have take fucking time for do it, so read and obey it.
You don't show the screen where pryor is abusing of slap or other command

This report is a bull of shit of insult and dissrepect, Jason and Matt i warn you only by a message today. Luck.

Stay calm and nice.

This topic is now locked and solved
Jason, Appli the format and watch your langage.
Mr_Pryor, you have to stay calm.

No any punishment for both, LOCKED.
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PostSubject: Re: report about Mr_Pryor abuse   

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report about Mr_Pryor abuse
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