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 James Carey's Application

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James Carey
Admin Leader
Admin Leader

Messages : 3
Join Date : 2010-06-06
Location : France

James Carey's Application Empty
PostSubject: James Carey's Application   James Carey's Application I_icon_minitimeSun 6 Jun 2010 - 19:22

Hello all.

Yoann wanted me to write this, alltough i think a good meeting is better. But here we go:

In game name? : James Carey
Real name? : Eric
Age? : 28
How many hour have you play in Perdiction server? : 1
How many hour can you play per day? : 1
What can you offer to this server? ( don't say you want ban hacker or denied )? : big experience as player & admin for a half dozen of server. Lead admin in WS & PoD.
Have you already hack? when? : I use sobiet on some romanian server to know the features.
When can you connect you on skype for an interview, give many days and hours, we will chose? : french GMT.
Girl / Man? : a man, a true one.
Information about yourself ( hobbies ... )? : I'm adult, with job, wife & stuff. I play SAMP to get fun with & for others, and especially like to see people entertained & not bored. I play only a few other games. I can be very active, then very inactive, depending on external facts. I work mainly from home, so im often online, but often busy too.

Quickly made, but dont hesitate to contact me to chat more. Cya !
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Server Admin
Server Admin

Messages : 158
Join Date : 2010-05-14
Age : 26
Location : France

James Carey's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: James Carey's Application   James Carey's Application I_icon_minitimeSun 6 Jun 2010 - 19:31

As i told you, i know James about now 3 years. This guy learn me many time, like selfcontrol, stay calm and many thing like that, he learn me how to talk in english, he corect me a lot, he was in the past alwaz defending me, big story, he is honnest, fairplay, just, loyal, lot of experience in WS ( big rpg who get down a month ago cause of some probleme )

He give me lot of key for the life. the real life. Then i wasn't known him, he alwaiz trust in me, that my turn to trust in him. you can give him all trust, this man won't abuse or make anything bad on this server or another server, as he told u he use sobeit, you know any peaple who are honest in this point ?

kaan, as i told you about 2 weeks on skype, this guy got all my respect, and will got all server respect soon cause of his experience and his respect for all, this mean is the peace and love of 2010. He can learn you manything, every day , you don't imagine.

I accept him myseld as level 5 ( Admin Leader )
Admin apply are now opened only for a girl, we got many admin atm .

I close this topic, and i make him Admin Leader.

James, Eric, Your the welcome and i guess other admin will open them arm for you. Be you like in the past.

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James Carey's Application
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